This page hosts information why you should go vegan. The information will not always be easy to take but it is all true and researched to the best of our ability. Parents should be aware that some of the videos posted here or linked to contain real footage of animal agriculture and may be disturbing.

mercy-for-animals-logo-colorMercy For Animals is dedicated to preventing cruelty to farmed animals and promoting compassionate food choices and policies. They expose the reality of factory farming. Many of the “production” techniques you will see on their investigations page are the same processes that are used here in Ireland. The images and video you will see are not easy to take, but it is the reality off life and death for billions of animals on factory farms on a daily basis.


Viva area a UK based group that are committed to liberating animals from enslavement and death. Viva! promote and celebrate veganism – because exploiting and killing animals is wrong on many levels. Viva! expose animal abuse and publicize nationwide campaigns that bring about change. Many of the videos and the information you will find on the site are hard to take but again are the reality of life and death for animals in the UK and here in Ireland.

Should you decide to take the plunge we also have resources and links to help support your transition to a cruelty free life.


Vegan Ireland have a wealth of information on why you should choose a vegan lifestyle. Here you will find many of the reasons that motivated my family to go vegan. Should you decide to take the plunge you can use some of their resources to aid your transition.

chooseveg_largeChoose veg, a division of mercy for animals have a vegan starter pack, you can order for free online simply visit their page for more info.


indexThe Vegan Society want to achieve a world where humans do not exploit non-human animals. A world where animals are free to exist in their own right. They promote a lifestyle that excludes, as far as possible and practical, all forms of exploitation of – and cruelty to – animals for the purposes of food, clothing or anything else. Again they have a vast resources section.


All links and information here have received relevant permissions from organizations or groups related to.