Really Raw-ish Rawlos

Caramel coated in chocolate can’t be that hard to find as a vegan, can it? Possibly, so here are some delicious rawlos for you to make at home. These should come with a warning though. They are delish and highly addictive.


250 g sticky dates,
2 tbsp agave nectar,
1/2 tsp pink salt,
120g vegan dark chocolate,


1. Add the dates to your food processor and blitz. They will form a ball but just keep breaking this down and blitz again. You may need to add some warm water to the mix depending on how moist the dates are.
2. Once you achieve the consistency below add the agave nectar and salt.


The agave nectar may thicken it slightly but that is fine.

3. Get a teaspoon and a bowl of water. Line a small tray with grease proof paper. Scoop out one heaped teaspoon of the caramel.
4. With wet hands roll into a ball and place on the tray.
5. Stick a cocktail stick in it and repeat until you have used all the caramel.


6. Pop the tray in the freezer for about 1 hour, until the caramel balls are hard.
7. Melt your dark chocolate in a Bain Marie. ( if you want it to be raw you have to keep the water at or below 55deg C).
8. Remove the caramel from the freezer place one ball into the chocolate at a time and coat. Remove from chocolate as soon as possible and let it form a hard skin before placing back on the tray. Repeat until all balls are coated.
9. Pop them in the fridge and remove 10 mins before serving.


If serving for kids remove the cocktail sticks once they have reached room temperature.

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