Melty cheesy Sausages.

Make your own sausages. Yep, it ain’t that hard.

cheesy sausages top image


170 g Vital wheat gluten,
30g Gram flower,
3 TBSP Nutritional yeast,
1 TSP Sugar
1 TSP Salt,
1 TSP Ground Black pepper,
1 TSP Paprika,
1 TSP Nutmeg,
1 TSP Garlic Powder,
3/4 TSP Ground ginger,
150 MM Cold water,
3 TBSP Tomato Puree
1 TBSP Olive oil,
1 Block Violife Cheddar

Yield: 8 chunky sausages.


    1. Get your mixer ready with a dough hook.
    2. Add all dry ingredients into mixer bowl and mix well.
    3. Combine water, tomato puree and olive oil and add to the dry ingredients.
    4. Blend for about 5 min.
Ready to be kneaded
Ready to be kneaded
    1. Once you have achieved the clumpy consistency pictured you are ready to knead
    2. Pour the dough on to a board and continue to knead.
    3. Once you have one large ball roll into a log shape, then cut into 8 even sized slices.
    4. With a rolling pin roll each slice flat.
    5. Chop your block of cheese into 8 equal strips and place 1 slice into each of the flat sausages.
Get ready to roll
Get ready to roll
    1. Roll the sausages ensuring the ends of the sausages are sealed to keep in all that cheesy yumminess!
    2. Wrap each sausage in foil and twist the ends tight.
    3. Pop in the steamer for 30 min.
setian steamed ready for pan
Seamed and ready for pan or wrapping for storage
    1. Once complete pop them straight onto the pan for bout 5 mins on a medium heat turning frequently until golden brown.
Sizzle sizzle!
Sizzle sizzle!
  1. If not using straight away let cool wrap tightly in cling film and refrigerate for up to 3 days or freeze.


Serve with some toasted crunch cob and some of our Scrumptious Scrambled Tofu!


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