Fantastic Fishless Fillets

Fantastic Fishless fillets
The longing for a crispy on the outside, moist on the inside, sea fresh fillet still has not left me nor most of the family. Natasha (the other half) was never a fan, she was a veggie for 25 years before going vegan. After I made these ridiculously similar fillets, she told me not to make them again as they resembled the real thing too much. I am going to test them out on some fish loving omni’s and see how I get on with fooling them. To me it reminded me of summers gone, strolls on the beach and off to the chipper for a fillet and chips (fries to our American readers) or a 1 and 1 to the locals.

Serve these on a bed of seaweed salad with a wedge of lemon, Chips what ever way you want and our bitter sweet garden peas for a real stroll down memory lane! The only thing we are missing is the sand between your toes and some seagulls trying to rob your lunch.

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Prep time 30 min,

Cook time 10 min,

Yield 6 Fantastic Fish-less Fillets.


2 cans Young green jack fruit drained (280 g drained weight each),
1 Tbsp nutritional yeast,
2 Tsp lemon juice,
1 Tsp Garlic powder,
1 Tsp Sea Salt,
6 Sheets Sushiori,
2 Tbsp or 2g Dried seaweed salad,
6 Sheets Rice paper wrapper,


  1. Put the 2 Tbsp of seaweed salad into a bowl and cover with plenty of cold water. Drain after 10 min and add 500 ml new fresh water. Set aside.


  1. Rinse the jack fruit in a colander or sieve. Remove hard core and seeds. You only want the flesh.
  2. Break up the jack fruit into strands, leaving a lot of larger clumps (this gives the fillets the flaky texture of fish) Rinse the broken up jack fruit again, and press hard in your sieve as you want to get as much moisture out of it as possible.
Keep the flesh on the left and discard the core and seeds on the right.
Keep the flesh on the left and discard the core and seeds on the right.
  1. Get 360ml of water from the seaweed salad add to a pot, Scoop out all of the suiginoriao, suginoriaka and tsunomataaka (what the hell???) that’s the pink, white and light green seaweed from the salad. You could use any seaweed from the salad but I find the flavour and colour from these to be best suited for the recipe. Dice into very small pieces (the smaller the better). You should have about 2 tbsp full. Add this to the drained Jack fruit.
  2. Add the jack fruit, yeast, lemon juice, garlic powder and sea salt to the pot. Bring to the boil and reduce to simmer for 10 min.
  3. After 10 min of simmer remove from the heat and drain the remaining water in a sieve. Do Not press the jack fruit, you want to retain as much water as possible without having water dripping out.
  4. Place 1 sheet of sushinori on a clean counter top and scoop about 1/6 of the jack fruit into the center of the sheet and fold into a parcel. The moisture of the jack fruit should seal the sushinori, if it doesn’t seal you will need to wet your finger and run it inside the seam to seal it. Cut off the ends. Set this one aside and repeat until you have 6 fillets. I make some smaller ones for the kids but 6 gives you easier job of cooking.


  1. Wet a large dinner plate (Larger than the rice paper wrappers) This will stop the rice paper sticking to the plate and make the final wrapping process much easier. Next get a large saute pan or wide bottomed pan and add enough water to give you about 1″ depth. Add 1 rice paper and let it soften about 40 – 60 seconds, you will know when it is ready to use as it will be soft and bendable. If it breaks or resists bending it has not soaked long enough.
  2. Remove the rice paper from the water and lay flat on the plate. Take one of your fillets and trim off the edges to using a wet, sharp knife. Place the fillet on to the rice paper about 1/3 from the bottom and wrap the remaining bottom part of the wrapper over the fillet. Fold the two sides over towards the center, then fold towards the top giving your a fillet parcel wrapping. Repeat with the remaining fillets. The rice paper is extremely sticky now, I wet 2 side plates and place 3 the fillets on each.


  1. Add 200 ml neutral oil I.E. sunflower, rapeseed etc to a pan and heat to a med / high heat just below smoking. Add the fillets one by one to the pan and allow to cook for 12 min. Turn 3 times and do not allow the fillets to come together during cooking as they will stick. Once golden brown remove from pan and pat dry with some paper towel. Now that they are cooked they wont stick and will be crispy to the touch.
Sizzle sizzle, the mouth watering smell should be hitting you now.
Nearly there, don’t eat it yet, just 2 more minutes!

Serving suggestion:

Slice and serve on a bed of the remaining seaweed salad, with a side of fresh cooked chunky chips (fries), and some Garden peas mixed with a tablespoon of mint sauce and a hand full of fresh chopped basil. The bitter vinegar and mint are enhanced by the sweet basil to bring these humble peas to a whole new level.
Fantastic Fishless fillets plated

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