Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner, Batman!

A major part of anyone becoming Vegan will be food, there is no denying it! We rely in it not just for sustenance but dinner time is a major part of family life, from the chatty little ones to the muttering teens. It can be the only time of the day where your family actually all sits together.

This page will be the launching pad for any and all recipes that I produce myself and also I will use links to other pages to ease your Vegan journey.

Setian Sam. I have been experimenting with Setian in order to produce handy lunch “meats” for the little ones and my own lunch, being an Irish bloke, I grew up on sambos, rolls and then when the tiger was roaring these new fancy wraps and panini’s! This has evolved as my understanding of how wheat gluten reacts with other substances. We have some game changing recipes on the way but in the mean time please have a look at out current offerings below, and enjoy! Oh, for anyone who isn’t good with gluten, don’t worry we’ve got your back there a few here for you too. We have added a number of seafood recipes too which contain no gluten and are far too fishy for some.

Check out some of our Delicious recipes below. Please let us know how you get on with them!!

Ultimate Spicy Mexican cheese burgers

Hummus with Coriander

Melty cheesy sausages

Warming bean casserole

Linguini and Mheatballs with balsamic ragu

Scrumptious Scramble tofu.

No bull roulade.

Salted Caramel Sandwich

Moo Free Almond Milk

Fantastic Fishless Fillets

Really Raw-ish Rawlos

It’s Chowda! Say it right!

A Gary 4 way

Mad Yolks! Sure, they’re not even eggs.

Tempeh 2 ways.


We would love to  you try our recipes at home. If you do please take a photo of it and tag @FeoilFreeFamily on Instagram or @FeoilFreeFamily on Twitter we would love to see how you get on.

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