Welcome to the Manor, the Moodley Manor

Who didn’t love a good aul fry up of a weekend? One of the things that you could always guarantee in our house on Saturday morning was early up, grab some cereal and some fruit then off to the pool, whether that be for swimming lessons with the little ones or just a bit of play time with the kids in the pool. We are real aqua babies in our house anyway. One sure fire thing that a swim will do is build a big appetite. So a big hunger calls for a big meal.

These “Meats” are
far superior
to the traditional kind.

When we became Vegan we were lost when it came to finding some real comfort food for a fry up. Then we discovered the Moodley range and it really was a “welcome to the Manor” moment.


There are 4 staples in the Moodley Manor product range, Badass bacon, Savage sausages, Boss burgers and newly launched 3 AM garlic mayo! The Guys also launch a seasonal roast so you can have a monster feed on the table come Christmas day! The whole product line is produced in Laois. For this review we are looking at Badass bacon, and Savage sausages.

…how do they taste?
That is the real
question here isn’t it?

All of the product line bar the mayo is based on wheat protein (Gluten) which means that they all boast a healthy percentage of protein per 100g. All are fortified with nutritional yeast also. These “Meats” are far superior to the traditional kind, they are lower in fat, higher in protein and vitamins than any animal product in the same vein. As they are plant based, they are also much better for the environment. So now we know that they are better for you, better for the environment and obviously as no animals had to be reared and killed, they are much better for them. For us here in the Feoil Free Family its all about the animals, products like this are a win win situation, but how do they taste? That is the real question here isn’t it?

In order to get to the products we have some nicely styled packaging, There is an exterior cardboard box and an inner sleeve.


Looks wise the sausages could be any of their meat competitors, light in colour and soft to the touch. The bacon is fanned in the pack which helps with separating the slices.

So once we are past the packaging we get to the aroma, both the sausages and bacon smell amazing, that is even before I even started cooking. I cooked both the sausages and bacon on the pan, I find you get the best results here. As there is very little fat in there you will need to add some oil to the pan.
moodley-on-the-panThe sausages take longer than the bacon and I like to leave them for just a bit longer in order to give them a slightly crispy skin. The sausages are soft in texture almost white pudding like, you could, if you were that way inclined, spread them on toast. They have a deep, meaty, rounded flavour and are very similar to artisan sausages of old, no mass produced flavour here. They go really well with a backing like rosti, hash browns or just simple toast. The Badass bacon again cooked on the pan is simply delicious. A light smokey flavour and a good texture which can be crisped up with slightly longer cook time. The bacon cooks fast, on a high heat, less than 1 min per side so keep your eyes peeled. I have heard of people eating it raw and hey, who am I to judge! I have made on many different occasions bacon and cheese toasties after the gym for a quick protein boost. At 31G per 100 they really hit the spot.

Now our brothers and sisters
across the water can get a seriously tasty fry up…

They are so quick and easy to work with its hard to beat. They can both be sliced and used as pizza topping too, which I have also tried and they are again a firm favourite. I don’t really have a bad thing to say about the Moodley Badass bacon or Savage sausages. If I had to say something bad it would be that they can not always be the easiest to find. In general they have a good shelf life so if you see them grab em! The Moodleys have also done a deal with at least one chipper, McGuinnesses on Camden street, I have also stopped in here and enjoyed all the deep fried battered badness I could handle in a sitting. If you are in the area I would recommend the batter burger and sausages. Both delish!

Here we have served the Sausages and Bacon with some of our scrumptious tofu scramble, some oven roast tender stem broccoli and button mushrooms. These plates do not stay full for very long.

The products can be found here or you can order online here. The entire Moodley range is also now available in the UK. So now our brothers and sisters across the water can get a seriously tasty fry up with ease.

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