Vegan Egg? Yes, you read that right!

French toast
French toast with sweet maple Lacon and Linda McCartney sausage.

One of my biggest cravings and comfort
foods was French toast or Eggy bread to some!

The Good folks at art of Zen foods got me some of this new fantastic Vegan Egg from Follow Your Heart, to try out. Needless to say the first thing on my mind was French toast.I had been experimenting with aquafaba and chickpea flour to get the same experience of french toast. None are worth mentioning here, perhaps, for a fail page!

Needless to say the first thing
on my mind was French toast.

I have tried two different ways to cook the vegan egg so far, I will keep trying new ways to cook it I.E. Quiche. But for now the best way I have found is to simply follow the instructions on the box and dip your sliced bread as you would have done for with chicken egg mix and pan fry. It does take about 2 min longer than chicken egg french toast. But it is worth the cruelty free wait IMO.

Taste wise the Vegan egg is reasonably eggy, I have heard of people adding some black salt to the mix to get more of an egg kick. I would only add 1/4 tsp per 4 Vegan eggs though as it can be quite strong.

Vegan egg box trimmed

The process for making the vegan egg is very simple, I mean it has to be if it is going to compete with chicken eggs, right? The key seems to be using ice cold water. The instructions call for 115ml of ice cold water per 10g of egg powder, and a vigorous whisk . So that’s not too hard. You can season the mix also by adding your favorite spices. The second recipe I tried was the scramble. Now I have perfected the art of tofu scramble, so much so that I have fooled a few meat eaters ( I will be adding my recipe to the recipes section shortly). The Vegan egg didn’t really preform as well as I had hoped but I think I can probably get a better result with some practice.

The process for making the vegan egg
is very simple, I mean it has to be if it is
going to compete with chicken eggs, right?.

For me I think the egg will work best in omelette or Quiche applications.  I will also be trying the vegan egg in pancakes and waffles to see how it works as an egg replacer in those applications. You can get more info and recipe ideas from Follow your heart.

Don’t be shocked when you open the box either, The packaging is really clever and mocks an actual egg box.

Vegan egg inside trimmed

But lets not forget this product will be a game changer for many new Vegans and those aspiring to make the move. It will also last a whole lot longer than any eggs you can buy in the store. You can produce 100 Vegan eggs with the same water it takes to produce just one chicken egg [1], and you have the ultimate bonus of being cruelty free and much better for the environment. I’d call that a win win. Check out art zen foods for stockists.


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