Now on Steem

We have just set up our own Steem channel. We will be working on some orignal content for the platform, in the mean time we will be sharing some of our delicious recipes to the comunity over there. You can follow us on Steemit here.

Look into my eyes, deep into my eyes.

It was an unusually warm Decembers morning almost 14 deg C. Traffic was heavier than usual. The normal commute to the office for me is probably the same as it is for many, the dull trudge of motorway driving, nondescript blurs of multiple colours and shapes passing by my window as I progress at a… Continue reading Look into my eyes, deep into my eyes.

Little pig, little pig, let me in!

Almost a year ago I undertook a distance learning animal welfare course from Edinburgh University via Coursera. It was during this course that I discovered some of the industry’s “best practice” for our food supply. I learned about how cows are monitored for diseases and conditions such as mastitis etc. How chickens get enriched cages,… Continue reading Little pig, little pig, let me in!