Hi there,

My name is Derek, I am a 37 year old father of 3. I became Vegan in January 2016. My better half was vegetarian most of her life. I had always thought of myself as a person who cared about animal welfare and didn’t want anything to be hurt in order for me to survive. Man was I blind! During December of 2015 I completed an Animal welfare course, even though it was distance learning I got to see some of the industry “best practice”. I could not in good conscience continue to be part of a system that allowed, NO, forced these “best practices” upon our fellow earth dwellers. I became Vegetarian that day. An old school mate of mine had mentioned to me to have a look at some documentaries like Earthlings,  Cowspiracy, and forks over knives. I watched Earthlings in early January 2016, Thanks Paul.

Wow, my eyes were well and truly open. I could not close them now.  Being a father of 3, to me, means that I am responsible to bring my children up in the best possible way, to ensure that I leave the world that they inherit in the best possible shape. I became Vegan that day, after discussing it with my better half and doing some research in to it, we decided that our whole family should be Vegan, if not for our health, for the animals that suffer under industry that produces them and their products, and the environment that is being destroyed by this very same industry.

But this change was not just about animals that we think of like cows, pigs, sheep ETC. I mean don’t get me wrong, these guys get the short end of the stick every time. Why should we stop there? We as a species, enslave millions of animals and consume every part of their being for our wants. I had to stop using all products that came from, were tested on, or destroyed animal habitats. Now going from a typical Irish male to this, is no easy feat. Where do I even start? It was so simple to just be part of this machine. I mean you cant just go out and presume that even simple things don’t contain animals, have been tested on animals, destroy animal habitats or are environmentally friendly.

So why not journey with us? Everything we have been through so far has been positive and we have met some wonderful, friendly, and helpful people along the way!

We are currently developing recipes, resources, food reviews and product reviews so stick around we might just be able to help you along.


We would love to  you try our recipes at home. If you do please take a photo of it and tag @FeoilFreeFamily on Instagram or @FeoilFreeFamily on Twitter we would love to see how you get on.

All images and recipes © of Feoil Free Family.

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