Viable Vegan Voyage

Ok, so I really have to stop with the weird titles, Some day.

As you may know from our about us page we became Vegan overnight in January of this year (2016) this happened after watching Earthlings. My wife Natasha was a vegetarian and had been most of her life. Natasha also didn’t really drink milk because of a childhood allergy she had to it. I on the other hand was a big milk drinker. I was also big into the gym and took 2 protein shakes a day ate at least 2 chicken fillets and at least 8 eggs. At my heaviest, I had grown from 78kg @17 % bf to 96kg @12% bf. My goal was to reach 100kg @10% bf. Oh, I am 6’4″ or 192 in new money, just to put that into perspective. No particular reason for that, I just picked some numbers that I figured would be a challenge. Sure I was big and strong, I could hack squat 375kgs ×10 reps ×4  sets. I can tell you that even though I was a prime example of what people believe fit and healthy to be I was suffering every day. Major pains in my digestive tract, migraine headaches and constant sinus issues.

Before I became Vegan I had stopped with the gym so I had cut out the eggs and shakes but still ate eggs and chicken etc. My digestive discomfort had reduced after stopping my protein shakes but I still had some and I was also getting headaches. I wanted after I became Vegan to let my body mass alter and return to the higher bf %. My plan now is to reach my goal on a 100% vegan diet without the use of supplements like creatine etc. I may still get some hemp protein powder or pea protein powder.

So feel free to drop by from time to time and see how I am getting on. If it inspires you to do the same, BRILLIANT. Lets smash this together, feel free to contact me at our email address

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