Cloudy with a chance of Mheatballs

It’s been quite mixed here weather wise in Ireland, April showers have given way to May showers Torrential rain. This is giving me a bit of time in the kitchen to whip up some tasty treats. Walking the dogs in the rain, as nice as it is always comes with some moans from the kiddies. They have been asking me for meatballs for a while now so I took the opportunity to try (and fail a few times) to make some Mheatballs. The whole idea came from a nut roast / setian hybrid which I am quite pleased with. I may even incorporate some pureed nuts into a setian loaf for a “roast” dinner and see how that goes.

While talking about the recipe with a friend online we discussed a glazed meatloaf ,so I am thinking that will be one that I will attempt next up.

If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see made vegan please give us a shout.

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